Hi, I just wanted to thank you for expediting the engraved bowls jack. It arrived this week to my delight.

Great service, thank you once again,

Anita Hall,


Hello, I would like to leave feedback. I ordered my Almark bowls in the early hours of Sunday and within three hours they were at my door – fantastic! The chap who delivered them that morning pointed to my doorstep as he stood back and said “there’s your bowls”. I was so shocked I was dumbfounded, then remembered myself and said “but I only ordered these this morning” he said “yeh I know, we have to compete with Amazon”. So, what I want to say is - the bowls are just what I wanted and in the condition you advertised, and the service is outstanding – well done Bush Hill Bowls (who needs Amazon?). From a very happy customer Sue Redding
Sue Redding