Place two jacks (the ‘bubbles’) on the rink, one white and one yellow.

Place the white one on the T and the yellow one on the 23m dot, hence offering one long and one short jack to the bowlers.

The mat is always on the T

Play in teams of 3 or 4

Two bowls per player

LEADS must deliver one bowl to the yellow jack and one bowl to the white jack

Remaining team players deliver, as instructed by their skip, to either the white or yellow jack.

SCORING  3 – 2 – 1  for *each* jack – so a total of 12mpoints available per end.

Bush Hill Bowls is delighted to announce sponsorship of Bowls TV.

This match streaming service broadcast – and archived – on YouTube is going from strength to strength, and Bush Hill Bowls will be working with Bowls TV to offer special promotions and offers to viewers who tune in to the live streams.

We applaud Norfolk’s Wayne Willgress, who beat Barry Jenkins on 26th November 2023 at Potters to win the 2023 Open Singles Circuit grand final for the second successive year.

Open Singles Circuit 2023

Stand and deliver, or step forward and roll?

There is no ‘golden rule’ about what stance a new bowler should adopt. There are some helpful pointers which may help the novice evolve a style which produces good results consistently.

Stability is key. So the feet may be side by side as you stand and deliver or in the ‘shooter’ or stepped position, and the bowler may (or may not) take a step forwards as the delivery arm begins the rear-wards pendulum swing. The essential check to make is that there is balance throughout the delivery action.

Follow-through is an essential part of delivery in all ball sports. Doesn’t matter if you are a cricket, tennis player, golfer, footballer or bowler (tenpin or lawn!): completing the action through the line of travel of the ball or bowl will help achieve accuracy.

Smooth transfer of the bowl from hand to green is a good thing, giving maximum control over direction and bias balance.

Think of an aircraft’s wheels at the moment of touchdown.  A less than perfect landing results in clouds of rubber smoke as the tyres slide and bounce on the tarmac.

The perfect landing is smoke-free, and that’s the ideal visualisation for a bowls delivery as the bowl makes contact with the grass or carpet. Flexing the knees to lower the body and get the delivery hand closer to the ground is good practice.

On outdoor greens, dropping the bowl from waist-high onto the green is frowned on because of the damage (divots) it causes to the lawn.

Indoors, although a high release is not regarded as good practice, many older, not to say elderly bowlers with back and knee injuries successfully deliver their bowls from knee height or even higher with surprising accuracy onto the jack.

Finally the novice bowler cannot do better than remember the golfer’s refrain: “The more I practice, the luckier I Get!”



Is there a right and wrong way to deliver a bowl? Absolutely not – there are as many fine delivery styles as there are good bowlers. The pictures above illustrate some good – and bad – pointers to achieving a successful bowls delivery. Read more

Do you remember that particular game when your opponent’s bowls performance seemed to be intolerably good?

You felt somehow inferior … or intimidated .. or some other emotion, from the very first moment they stood on the mat to bowl the first trial end. Read more

Bowls Glove?

Could this be the best bowls glove?

Ever keen to see innovation in the sport your correspondent struck gold in the first week of the new outdoor season. It is wet, of course, and the green is wet. Holding onto a slippery wet bowl is never easy.

Choosing a grip-enhancing product is on many bowlers minds at this time of year. Sales of Grippo, Monkey Grip, Wilgrip, Bulldog Grip and Champion spray polish (when meagre stocks can be found) are always strong in April and May. Read more

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Spotted on Facebook – this post from Peter Picknell:

So after winning the game I decided to throw the ball into the crowd, like they do on the TV.

Apparently it’s unacceptable in Bowling….